Here are some published examples of my work for various comercial clients.

Abilene Roller Derby: Sugar Bombs

As the official photographer for the Abilene Roller Derby team, the Sugarbombs, Ron has the best seat in the house. Sports photography is all about catching the moment during the game. With the Sugarbombs, it’s also about capturing the emotion of these women.

An all volunteer team playing a high speed game on concrete, these ladies deserve all the credit they can get.

Revolution Clubs

Revolution Clubs makes wooden fitness clubs are are trying to reach a new market. They came to Reactuate Photography to update their product photography and create lifestyle oriented image depicting their use.

Since yoga studios are often who buys these clubs, we arranged to do our shoot in one. We used natural light to a beautiful soft look, with a female fitness model.

Could your business benefit from a new look? One that targets a new market with a new message and feel? We can help.